CNN buys anti-Facebook social network BEME will launch a new media brand for young people

By 29 Kasım 2016Genel

Casey Neistat famous YouTube last year, social networks, especially Facebook “you see acquaintances shopping” focused on sharing culture Bema with social networking has started to offer an alternative. The application, which was broadcasted in May after a year of beta process, came out shortly after the big interest. The world’s largest news channel CNN, Bama ‘I bought.
CNN was not disclosed financial terms of the purchase agreement, but we can say that the nature of a acquihir ie buying more talent. In the official CNN statement, it is stated that Bema will be closed and 11 employees of Beme together with founding partners Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett will join CNN. CNN plans to launch a new independent media brand in 2017 with Beme.
CNN says it will deploy dozens of producers, developers, designers and content producers with global resources for the new media brand. CNN’s new media brand, CNN Digital, is located under the umbrella. So CNN wants to incorporate the new generation into its target audience. Casey Neistat, founder of BEME, is also closing the YouTube channel with 5.6 million subscribers. CNN adds Neistat’s millions of fans to its audiences.
So far, $ 2 million investment Bama application with had reached more than 1 million people. Disputable whether in terms of user experience is Facebook alternative, though , Bama story into fame YouTube quite interesting in terms of adding a new page.